Harvest Christian Academy

Harvest Christian Academy is a bilingual Christian school, pre-k through twelfth grade. It has been in existence for 5 years and Christine Morey of Living Hope Ministries has been a teacher there since the school’s inception. Although a Christian school, nearly 85% of the students are not Christians. HCA began and continues with its primary purpose being evangelism through education.

During her time of teaching there, Christine has witnessed and taken part in the transformation process in the lives of many of the students. Some who entered as atheists have begun to consider the real possibility of the existence of God. Others who have acknowledged the existence of God have made commitments to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Still others who are Christians are being challenged to live their Christian faith to the fullest in their families and their future careers.

In addition to Christine’s presence, LHM has also ministered at Harvest Christian Academy through speaking in chapel services, providing assistance to students one on one in their studies when stateside groups are serving with Living Hope and by offering throughout the year such classes as Life of Christ, New Testament and Bible.

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